Monday, June 27, 2011

The Truth about White River Rafting!

There are rumors circulating that Jon had to save me from the Lao River. It's sad that he holds such a grudge from the day I beat him in arm wrestling at the Olympic stadium. So sad... They forgot to mention that I kept a couple of them from falling out of the boat. What Jon doesn't know is that I was testing his swimming abilities, so keep that in mind when you see his pictures. I had to make it look believable! It really was an amazing day. Skimming over the rapids and through the canyons was a wonderful experience. The clear water and the fern covered canyon walls was one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen. Now it's off to make pottery and learn more about the city of Caltagirone.
Karen Wells

I, Jon Farrar, did save Ms Wells she was not testing me but scared to death as she almost floated down the three foot deep river and couldn't stand up!!! P.S. You got hacked!! :p

You are exaggerating, Jon! Karen Wells

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  1. I won't take sides, but we do know the truth :)

    Miss you all!



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