Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seeing What Apostle Paul Saw

Today we had a lecture, after breakfast, about the greek mythology gods. It was very interesting to hear about their downfalls and strengths . The people made up their gods and they changed as society changed. It also helped when learning about all the historic landmarks. First we went to the gardens and then to the Temple of Zues. I tried to comprehend how much thought, time, and skill it took to build that amazing building, but I know that I never could. It was sad to only see 16 columns standing out of the 104 that were originally there. Then we went to see the Acropolis which has 5,000 years of history. Our tour guide told us about how it was built by people for the god Athena. They got 1 piece of silver each day for their labor. The amazing thing is the distance they had to walk and climb with marble to build the Acropolis, not to mention the skill it took to carve and structure it. I just don't see how it was done. What I didn't realize was that Mars hill is right beside the Acropolis. This is where Apostle Paul preached his famous message about Christianity. To grow up hearing about this story and then to stand in the spot that Apostle Paul stood in was the greatest feeling I have ever had. He picked that spot for a reason. I could see the whole city of Athens, all the way to the sea. But up in the corner, very close by, was the Acropolis. I tried to picture Apostle Paul preaching about God making "the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands" and then pointing to the Acropolis. I can understand now how powerful that message would come across to the people of Athens. To stand in the spot so important that it was recorded in the bible was unbelievable. Apostle Paul stood up for his beliefs in front of a crowd that did not see life the way he knew was right - we should be more like him. I will never forget how humble I felt in that moment.

Niki Pulliam

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  1. That is an amazing point of view! I hope u keep that feeling with u always.


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