Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arrivederci United States!

Chiao Bella Italy! I'm speaking Italian! Well a few words anyway. I can't believe in less than 12 hours I will be on that big jet airplane, and stepping off in Greece and Italy. I can't believe it's here, I never thought the day would come. I have been very nervous about this trip for a long time, but now that it is here I am very excited! This is my first time to do a trip like this, and to be away from home this long. I am very excited to be going with my friends. I can't wait to see what Greece and Italy will teach me, and the adventures I will have while I am over there. Here I come Greece/Italy!! ARRIVEDERCI!
-Sarah York

1 comment:

  1. Sarah, you might be a little anxious, but that is to be expected. I know we will have a great time and that you will be amazed at all the world has to show you!
    Karen Wells


Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science