Friday, June 17, 2011

Day of Arrival: The Adventure Begins

After hours and hours of being on the plane, we finally arrive at Athens, Greece. As we dipped lower in our landing, we could already see the land's magnificant beauty. Excitement was building as we deboarded the plane, anxious to see and discover. When we were off the plane, we immediately met our travel manager, Loretta, and Discovery respresentative, Anson. We exchanged our money at the airport and then loaded into the bus. While driving through the busy streets of Athens, we could see the beautiful monuments towering over the city. The situation seemed so unreal that it could be happening. We were actually here. In Greece. One of the most beautiful, momumental places in the world with the temples of the Greek gods standing over the city. We parked our bus and then followed Loretta through a winding path to a small outdoor restaurant. There we had our first bite of authentic Greek food. Delicious! But as soon as we were full, we were all begging for a nap. Even though we were going to our hotel to settle in and freshen up for our dance lessons, we had no time to sleep. We loaded onto the bus and went through the winding streets of Athens to the dance studio in a small school after a few hours at the hotel. And it was so much fun! Some of the steps were tricky, but we had lots of help from ther professional dancers there. The dancers then put on a performance of all the dances in costume, and blew us all away with their natural Greek dancing skills. They included us in one last dance before we left for the hotel. We barely made it through dinner before we went to the rooms, and passed out. What a long, exciting day and a great start to an amazing journey.

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Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science