Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 4 - Olympia

I'm having the time of my life already. I'm so glad that I have been able to attend this trip. I've made new friends along the way. Today we woke up early and packed our bags quickly. We had an early breakfast as well. Immediately after reakfast we boarded the bus and made our way to Olympia, which was two and a half hours away. Last night we were assigned a "twin" at dinner. We would interview our twin and learn the basics about them, deeper if we liked. My twin was Alexis. We were also required to discuuss some things we had talked about that related to a specific key components of Discovery Students. Ours was science. On our bus ride we interviewed each other and also played several group games to pass the time. We also made a quick stop at the Corinth Canal, which is an important feature that serves to make an easier route for ships. The canal barred a narrow path between two major Greek islands. If it were not there, there would only be on island not two. This canal makes it much easier for ships with goods because if the canal were not present, ships would have to travel a vast distance around a large island. THis also reduced the amount of fuel the ships consumed. After our quick stop, we continued our journey to Olympia. When we arrived at our destination, I could tell we were all relieved. We began a guided tour of what once was the site of the Olympic games. There were many reminents of historical structures which once served as training facilities, accommodations, places of events and more. When we were through with the tour, we were able to enter the stadium that previously held the games. This stadium was unique compared to others because it had no seats. The viewers sat upon the grassy hillsides that surrounded the stadium. The participants began at a marble line and raced to the end and back. Sometimes as much as 24 times. I don't see how they were capable of that. The winner received fame and free food for the rest of his life. We also were given the opportunity to run the track. I came in second, but at least I was able to run a track that had once held the Olympic games. After that we headed to lunch, and later we traveled to our hotel. This one is very nice. We were all excited when we spotted that there was a pool. That was also the first thing that we did after we unloaded our bags. Afterwards, we shared our interviews and our related information to science. We then wrapped the night up with dinner. This trip has already been a blast and there is a whole llot more to come.

- Austin

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Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science