Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Three

Today I woke up, and I felt a lot better today than yesterday. Sleep will do a person some good that's for sure. We began the day with full force. The group met at eight thirty for breakfast. Quickly after breakfast, we had a lecture on the characteristics of the Greek gods. I learned so much about the Greek culture and how they created them in their image. Immediately after the lecture, we set out to the Gardens of Athens. We all saw extremely beautiful sights on the way there, and we have pictures to show as well. We had lunch at an amazing restaurant that has been my favorite so far. We also visited the Temple of Zeus. The temple originally had 104 large pillars that were each 60 feet tall. The sides had two rows of columns and the shorter ends had 3 rows. Today, only 16 of the 104 columns are left standing. One also fell due to being struck by lightning. Another sight we were able to see was the magnificent Parthenon. The parthenon's pillars were each 30 feet tall and the Parthenon was furnished with a large statue of the greek god Athena. This statue was lined in gold which weighted in at 1 ton. Now that's a ton of gold. Pun intended. We also were able to climb Mars Hill where the apostle Paul preached a sermon which led to the conversion of the first christians. It is amazing to have the opportunity to experience these wonderful structures today while knowing what events they previously held. I can't wait to explore tomorrow's and the rest of this trip's adventure!

- Austin

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Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science