Friday, June 17, 2011

After eleven hours on the plane, there was no doubt that everyone was ready to get to Athens, Greece. When we landed, we exchanged our money and then boarded the coach. As we approached the city, I couldn't help but feel as if it were Christmas morning. Excitement was in the air, and as I looked across Greece, all I saw was white from all the buildings; it looked like a freshly fallen snow. Perhaps that is because two thirds of Greece's population is located in Athens. I knew that the moment I had been awaiting for six months was finally here. Our travel manager was telling us some of the city's history, and all I could do was look on in awe. When we were sitting in traffic, I looked up and I saw the Acropolis. It was odd to see modern life occurring in one of the most historic of locations. Just to stand here and look out on a city that had such an impact on the world was truly amazing. After freshening up at the hotel, we went to learn Greek dances. After learning multiple Greek dances, I showed them how we dance in America. Teaching a Greek dancer how to do the two step to The Boot Scootin' Boogie was something I thought I would never do. Although Athens takes my breath away, I don't think I can comprehend how great this is just yet.

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  1. Is "Discovery Traveler" Niki? I'm asuming it is after reading about the "boot-scootin'-boogy" lol!


Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science