Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's almost 11:30 (don't worry - the students are already in bed, well at least in their rooms!). I find that the best time for me to reflect on the day's activities is after all the students have blogged and the day's activities are sinking in. It is then that I can reflect on what the day has meant to me. I thought that nothing could match the experience in South Africa, but this trip is holding the same magic for me. I am with an awesome group of students who are literally soaking up every word spoken by tour guides, lecturers, and the local people. They are in love with the whole experience. I have heard them speak numerous times about the experiences they are having and how they realize the sacrifices that others have made to allow them to have these experiences. Did you know that seeing the Acropolis was on the bucket list of one of our students? Did you know that one of our students was filled with such joy when she looked at the view of the city that you might have cried if you had seen her expression? Did you know that one of our students is beginning to see the endless opportunities that arise when you travel? Did you know that one of our students has changed the way countless Greeks view America's youth? Did you know that visiting Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul spoke meant the world to one of our students? That is what I got to experience today. The students have told you about the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus, the shopping, the meals, and countless other activities, but to experience it all through their eyes has been the biggest blessing to me. Tonight I am feeling blessed. Karen Wells


  1. Sounds like a GREAT time! Wish I was standing there next to y'all!

  2. I am loving the photos and the comments - its like experiencing it on a smaller your reflections at the end of the day. So glad that you and the students are getting to be world travelers. Sondra


Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science