Monday, June 20, 2011

Greek Turtles

We learned last night that we would be doing a new project along with the days events. We would be partnered with a new twin, and at the end of the day we would present a tablo. A tablo is a still picture with no movement or sound. We would use our bodies to portray a picture that had some relation to the history of Greece. My partner was Meagan After we had breakfast , we loaded the bus. We headed to a local turtle protection center; the name of the agency is Archelon. We then took a walk through one of Greece's coastal forests and ocean. We identified many different plant and bird species. We were able to walk on the beach. The sight of the waves crashing upon the sandy beach was very amazing. After this we completed our taskts that we brought with us and had lunch. We met many of the volunteers and how they came to volunteering here and many different places. After lunch we headed back to our hotel. We were granted with a break and then we traveled to a museum which contained anceint technologies of Greece. I saw some very interesting objects and inventions that they were able to create 300 B.C. They even invented a steam powered object. These terrific inventions were either lost or destroyed from invasions. Many of them would not be re-discovered until 1500 years later. I can't help but think how history would most likely be extremely different from today because they had a 1500 year advancement in technology. What would the world be like today? I don't know but I think it's worth thinking about. We will be volunteering for Archelon tomorrow, to help out with turtle nestings, and we must leave the hotel at 5:20 A.M. and be at breakfast at 5:00 A.M. I can't wait!

- Austin

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Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science