Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 4!

Today we went to Olympia! The birthplace of sports!!! Walking through the ruins one could only picture how it looked before. My favorite spot was walking down the tunnel, it gave me chills and made me think back to basketball where running out in front of the crowd was always so exciting. We ran a race and I won it was almost like I could hear the cheers lol I know they were in my head but to think that many great athlets had done this same thing in front of the huge crowds gave me chills! To hear about the great honor and all the things that happened for the winners made you relize how big of a deal this was to people back then. After Olympia we got back on our bus and came to our next hotel. It's like a movie the pool is AMAZING that's were we spent the most of the afternoon!!! After that we had a conference about the sea turtles and then ate some more! I'm getting worried that my clothes wont fit!!! We are having so much fun I don't think its fair we have to leave in 10 days!!! Well thats all for now love you mom sissy nathan (happy fathers day!) and gran! Oh! And a little shout out to Matt "Mom" Hays I listed you as my hero today in the group talk!!!

-Jon F


  1. Love ya Jon, Keep making me proud over there.

    Matt - (Mom)

  2. Jon did you compete in the race like the originial olympians? I hope you folded your clothes before you ran out! :p Love you son! Enjoy yourself and soak it all in!!! :)


Adventure Details

Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science