Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Last Day in Rome

As we are on the plane coming home, the memories from Italy and Greece fill my mind. Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the entire trip because we went on a scavenger hunt through Rome. We started off the day by exploring the amazing Colosseum. I tried to imagine the 70,000 spectators shouting at the gladiators and wild animals in the games. Everything we saw in Rome was so well constructed. People took such pride and time in their artwork. I thought about the cities I have been to and I know they will not last for 2,000 or more years like the places in Rome have. On our scavenger hunt we split into two groups with maps, checkpoints, and went on our way. Some of the destinations we went to were The Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, and The Trevi Fountain to name a few. I felt like a true roman, walking the streets, eating gelato, and bargaining with the shop keepers. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. As sad as I am to leave, I am also filled with the joy of the memories and friends I made along the way.

Niki Pulliam

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Duration 15 days
Destinations Athens
Focus Biology
Earth Science